Green Beans

Countries of origin
The Netherlands, Morocco, Senegal, Belgium, France, Egypt
Cultivation method
Conventional / Organic
Primeale and Own label
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Green beans cultivation for the best quality green beans Green beans cultivation for the best quality green beans Green beans cultivation for the best quality green beans Green beans cultivation for the best quality green beans

Green Beans

In The Netherlands, we love green beans. It is therefore not surprising that the green bean is in the top 10 most eaten vegetables in The Netherlands. Green beans are extremely versatile. Soft or crunchy. Cooking, stewing, in the wok; the possibilities are endless!  


Why Primeale United's green beans?

  • European player with over 50 years of experience
  • Year-round delivery guaranteed by a variety of cultivation sites
  • Own variety for high quality green beans
  • Optimal cultivation guidance by our experienced agronomists
  • Maximum shelf life due to 100% closed chain

Origin and availability

The green bean originated in South America, but today they are grown in many places around the world.


Cultivation calendar green beans

The Netherlands

In The Netherlands, our cultivation sites are located around our processing sites. Did you know that after sowing the green beans the seeds are immediately covered with acrylic cloth? This way, we can accelerate the growth process and make optimal use of the Dutch summer season.

Green beans cultivation sites in Morocco


In Morocco, growing green beans requires a lot of flexibility. Because of the temperature differences during the seasons, a strict cultivation schedule is used.

Green beans cultivation sites in Senegal


Senegal is, after Morocco and Egypt, the country where the longest cultivation period for the green bean is possible.

Green beans cultivation sites in Belgium


Just like in The Netherlands, green beans can only be grown in the summer season in Belgium. The cultivation period in Belgium is from July to September.


With the green bean crop in France, we supplement the period between the crops coming from the African countries and the crops in The Netherlands and Belgium. For two periods a year, France has the ideal climate for growing and cultivating green beans.


Traditionally, Egypt has been a country known for growing crops. With the knowledge we have there, we can continue to optimise the quality of the green beans.

Certification and safeguarding quality

Primeale United represents quality and does all it can to guarantee this. We ensure we have sufficient knowledge and expertise available to serve suppliers and clients optimally. All our products are compliant with the required certifications for food safety and social and environmental standards.

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