We love vegetables.

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The seed to plate company

We proudly present: Primeale United. The Seed to Plate Company.

Van Oers United is continuing its activities under a new label: Primeale United. This change marks the start of a new phase for our company, with a new vision and mission and a strengthened strategic focus. Our new name ties into Agrial, the international cooperative that we have been an independently operating part of since 2015.


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Primeale United.
Your partner from seed to plate.

We are Primeale United. Our love of vegetables is part of our DNA. We manage the entire chain of fresh vegetables: from the seeds in the ground to delicious and nutritious meals on the plates of millions of people around the world.  We supply a wide range of fresh vegetables in a sustainable manner all year round. Our focus is on our partnerships with customers and on developing solutions for consumers, which makes us an inspirational partner - today and in the future.  


It begins at the source

Driven, curious and smart. These characteristics form the foundation of our success from cultivation to final product. By combining the products we grow ourselves with those grown by farmers around the world, we are able to provide the most delicious vegetables all year round. We care for our products and aim to preserve the close-knit international alliances we have formed. By making optimal use of the power of nature and the knowledge and experience of our farmers, we are able to deliver products that we are truly proud of: high-quality, delicious and sustainably produced vegetables.

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From harvest to packaged product

Several steps have to be taken to turn small seeds in the ground into delicious vegetables on the plate. After harvesting, we rinse, sort, cut and process the fresh vegetables to create the final products that end up on supermarket shelves. We offer a wide variety of packaging options; from flow packing to cone-shaped bags. We capitalise on the latest market trends and look for opportunities to introduce sustainable packaging options. In doing so, we listen carefully to the wishes of our customers and consumers.

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Realising customer-oriented innovation together

Primeale United is more than a supplier of vegetables. We understand the needs of international consumers and innovate with real impact. We share our knowledge and work closely together with retailers to further professionalise the fruits and vegetables sector. We are always on the lookout for novel ways of offering our vegetables to consumers. As a chain manager, we are the ultimate innovation partner for sustainable and unique concepts for fresh vegetables.

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Enjoy healthy fresh vegetables

Then it is time to enjoy. After carefully cultivating, packaging and transporting our products, it is finally time to enjoy the delicious flavours and easy preparation of our vegetables. We want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to eat fresh vegetables. It is our job to come up with new and sometimes surprising initiatives that allow people to enjoy our pure, fresh and delicious vegetables more easily and more often.