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The Netherlands
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Leeks are cross-pollinators. The leek depends on pollination by insects. This vegetable belongs to the garlic family. Onions, garlic and chives also belong to this family. In the Netherlands, the main cultivation areas are in North Brabant and Limburg. Leeks are different each season. There is a summer, autumn and winter leek. The taste is the same. The difference is in thickness and the degree of firmness.



Why Primeale United's leek?

  • Multi-year cooperation with well-qualified cultivation partners
  • Year-round supply through distribution of cultivation locations


Origin and availability

Our leeks are grown in The Netherlands year-round.

Cultivation calendar leek

The Netherlands

Our leeks are grown in the Netherlands year-round.

Certification and safeguarding quality

Primeale United represents quality and does all it can to guarantee this. We ensure we have sufficient knowledge and expertise available to serve suppliers and clients optimally. All our products are compliant with the required certifications for food safety and social and environmental standards.

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