Primeale United deploys new CA technology for smooth seasonal changeover for Brussels sprouts

7 August 2023


Primeale United has developed a new technique, Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage, to optimise year-round supply security for Brussels sprouts to our customers. CA storage extends the shelf life of Brussels sprouts and eases seasonal changeover.


With CA storage, the oxygen content of the air present in the Brussels sprouts storage area is reduced while increasing the carbon dioxide content. This extends shelf life and allows Brussels sprouts to be delivered for longer while maintaining quality and taste.

Due to the wet spring this year, Brussels sprouts were planted later than in other years. Brussels sprouts are expected to have limited availability across the market in the coming weeks. Delivery with Brussels sprouts from CA storage is a solution for us to ease the start of the European season.

The European sprouts season for Primeale United started last week in France. In the Nantes area, Primeale United has some 15 ha of its own plots on which Brussels sprouts are grown. We will also start harvesting in the Netherlands this month. With supply from CA storage, France and the Netherlands, we can continue to provide Brussels sprouts to our customers during this challenging period.

Unique in the market

The CA storage technology, which is unique to Brussels sprouts, has been developed by Primeale United in collaboration with a partner experienced in fruit storage. After successful testing on a small scale, commercial deliveries could be made to a number of customers this year.

At our processing site in Dinteloord, Brussels sprouts are washed, selected and in some cases made ready to eat. All Brussels sprouts ready to eat are 100% selected by the Sproutcam, which ensures optimum quality selection.  The site is state-of-the-art and BREEAM certified. The chain is short and 100% refrigerated, so Brussels sprouts reach the shop super-fresh.


About Primeale United

Primeale United delivers more than 113 million kilos of fresh vegetables to 565 million plates across Europe. With a workforce of 900 full-time employees and up to 5,000 flex workers working at three huge farms in the Netherlands, Morocco and western Senegal, and sales in thirty countries, the company earns a revenue of €223 million. Its portfolio consists of thirty different types of vegetables, including Primeale United icons such as green beans, Brussels sprouts, corn, radishes and spring onions.