Dutch Brussel sprouts available in July

14 July 2022

Dutch Brussels sprouts used to only be harvested between October and February. But thanks to careful planning and perfect growth care, Primeale United will begin harvesting home-grown sprouts as early as20 July. This year's sprouts have benefited from a sunny spring. Watering at the right time and giving the plants a dose of daily attention will create perfect growing conditions. These matters, together with our new harvesting machine and fast automatic selection using a Sprout Cam, will ensure that the sprouts on sale from the end of July will be better than ever.

It is a myth that Brussels sprouts are at their best when they have endured frost. The taste depends mainly on the variety. Thanks to a careful selection of varieties, sprouts are generally less bitter now than they used to be. Together with our growers, Primeale United grows more than 25 different varieties of sprouts in the Netherlands, which we select according to the natural conditions and the wishes of the consumer. This ensures the availability of the most beautiful and tasty sprouts regardless of external factors.  

"Brussels sprouts are true vitamin and mineral bombs. They contain an enormous amount of vitamin C and various B vitamins. They also contain many different minerals. They benefit your health as much as your wallet, as sprouts are relatively cheap compared to other fresh vegetables."

 "We harvest our home-grown Primeale United sprouts in the Netherlands from July to mid-March. From mid-March to April, we supply so-called ice sprouts. We do this in order to supply a Dutch product to Dutch retailers for as long as possible. The Brussels sprouts are imported from Morocco in April, May, June and part of July, allowing us to offer fresh Brussels sprouts all year round," says Frederique Sonneveld, product manager Brussels sprouts at Primeale United. "Every year we work hard to make sure the transition from Morocco to the Netherlands can be done as early as possible. We have perfected many things in this process already, but nature also has to cooperate and thankfully that’s what happened this year. The right amount of sunshine, the correct temperature, rainfall at the right time or even irrigation, it has certainly helped," Frederique explains.    

The processing location where the sprouts are washed, selected and in some cases prepared is state-of-the-art and BREEAM certified. The grading machine can process about 8,000 kilos and up to 16 sizes of sprouts per hour. The chain is short and 100% refrigerated, allowing the sprouts to reach the shop when they are super fresh.

About Primeale United
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